Promotional Opportunities

If you own or manage a business in the vicinity of Kettering, and if you are looking for new and exciting ways of promoting your business, what a better way than radio!?!

Impact-98 broadcasts from Fairmont high school, and it is completly student-run, so by utilizing Impact-98, your message can reach hundreds of listeners per day. Impact-98 also runs the signboard out in front of Fairmont High School, so you business can be displayed there for thousands to see each day!!!

As we are a non-commercial station, we have no set rates for "advertising," so we be very flexible in your promotions. Your message will reach your customers at little cost to you, and after all, isn't that the ultimate goal of promotions??

If you are interested in the possibility of promoting your business, organization, or cause with Impact-98, please E-mail US, for more information.