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Email Response
We got an e-mail message from a listener the other day. It read somthing like this:

>All you guys play is that dumb country and alternative crap. Play some
>metal. Since it is the best kind of music out there now and days! Be
>different and put some metal in everyone's lives!!
Well, we can't just take somthing like that!!! So, in the interest of all of our listeners, we are replying publicly, right here:

Dear... Dear... Oh, that's right, you didn't give us your name, did you??

First, we do not play any country music. We have not played any country music for almost two full years now. We do not have any plans in the near future to add any country. Some of our music could be considered country, but Alabama and The Eagles are heard on many of the world's best Classic Rock stations, which is why we also include them on ours.

Second, as far as the "alternative crap" goes, that is what people request that we play. We have your request, and we will treat it as being just as important as any others we get. The thing you have to remember is, we do not have a huge budget. In fact, you probably spend more money on food in a week than we spend on music in an entire year. We have to take what we can get, and for the past year, we have been able to get the most free music, and the best deals on Alternative music. If you would like to make a donation, feel free to call us at 937-296-7670, and we'd be happy to get whatever music you'd like us to get with it.

Thirdly, we DO play metal. It can be heard at ALL times in the day (including mornings and afternoons when no other stations will play it!!). If you are particularly interested in metal only, we would suggest you listen on Fridays between 5pm and 9pm. These hours are very metal-intensive.

Next, you say it is the "best kind of music out there now and days." Well, other than the obvious grammer error there, we can only argue. If you will look at the other 5 billion people on the planet, you will see that EACH AND EVERY PERSON finds a different type of music to be the best. So what makes your opinion better than these other 5 billion?? You might say more people think metal is the best than any other format. However, one look at record sales and you will feel differently.

Lastly, you say "Be different and put some metal in everyone's lives." Well, we try to be different. There is not another radio station in all of the Miami Valley that plays as many types of music as we do. On no other station could you hear Elvis Presly, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Guns-N-Roses, 311, Nirvana, STP, Guns-N-Roses, Green Day, Danzig, NIN, Megadeth, and Metallica all in the same hour. We are as different as different can be, and we are very proud of that.

Thank you for your comments, and we hope we have addressed them fully.


Well?? What do you think? Let us know!!!